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Girls Gone Glamping

Girls trips and glamping are a perfect match! I have come to this conclusion after testing the theory on two different occasions this fall. Both trips included an outdoor destination with plenty of shopping and dining options nearby.

I felt empowered hooking up the trailer, driving to and from the destination and setting up camp all by myself. I was even feeling quite the experienced camper until it was time to build the fire. Fire-building and fire-tending are not my thing! It became a group effort and provided much laughter. The second time around I brought the lighter fluid... it was still not my thing!

The quaint town of Eureka Springs Arkansas offered a respite from the outdoors and fire building on both weekend trips. The first weekend my good friends Rose and Joanna and I stayed at Lake Leatherwood City Park. This small but conveniently located park offered plenty of hiking trails to explore and canoes in which to putter around the lake. We bravely set out in a canoe in spite of the frigid lake temperature and happily did not take an unplanned swim, although it was a near thing!

On the second weekend me and the LivyLu Crew stayed at Spider Creek Resort on the White River. This resort has only one RV site and a number of cabins. The site boasts an outdoor fireplace, private bathroom and a great view overlooking the river.

On both trips we spent plenty of time exploring Eureka Springs finding ourselves enjoying a meal at the Aquarius Taqueria courtyard on both occasions. Brews, a coffee shop/local craft beer bar, was also a favorite on each trip.

Glamping with the girls was an absolute adventure. We all came away from the experience having laughed a lot and learned a lot. I think we all deserve a merit badge as we are now official Wilderness Rangerettes!

On a side note: Camping in the fall is spectacular!

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