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From our humble beginnings as "THE TWO" over 21 years ago we have grown linearly in numbers and exponentially in love!


Dave and I (Heather) met and married in 1994. We finished college together at the University of Oklahoma with a Business degree and a Studio Arts degree respectively and began our careers in Tulsa Oklahoma. We since have had three children, moved to Chicago and moved back to Oklahoma. Last summer, after renovating a 1970's Airstream Argosy, we took our maiden voyage traveling on a 6-week trip West. Our upcoming summer will include a 3-week trip followed by a move to Austin, Texas.


Follow us on our journey!


Oliver Dixon

Oliver smiles in the face of adversity. Who are we kidding, he actually smiles in the face of just about anything. Whether he is maintaining his blood sugar as a result of juvenile diabetes or facing down a 7-10 split at the end of the bowling lane he keeps a positive attitude. As most other ten-year-old boys he is a self proclaimed superhero. He claims his super power is his dimples, a proclamation anyone subjected to those dimples would be hard-pressed to refute!

Clara Dixon

When it comes to words Clara can "nerd out" with the best of them. She holds a deep love for written words, spoken words and even sung words. She is always found with a book close at hand. Three years ago, at the age of nine, she began a new camping tradition of reciting her favorite poet, Edgar Allen Poe, around the campfire at night. She will gladly share a favorite poem and s'mores with you should she meet you round the fire.

Avery Dixon

Avery takes his role as the OAD (oldest available Dixon) amongst the Dixon siblings very seriously. He is wise and patient beyond his years but he still knows how to cut loose. He has a knack for adding seemingly spontaneous comedic moments when familial tensions are running high. (We experience many such moments during our trips) When not adding comedic relief Avery is planning and researching. He is responsible for planning a great deal of our activities during our travels!

Heather Dixon

Heather shares both Oliver's Optimistic attitude and Clara's love of reading while aspiring to share even a small measure of Avery's planning abilities. That being said, she is the primary creative force behind "The Five". She is responsible for designing and implementing the Argosy renovations, the 5 GO FORTH website and an exclusive collection of travel inspired shirts offered by LivyLu. She aspires to add color to even the most mundane tasks through her artistic approach.

Dave Dixon

Dave is our resident campfire builder, hammock hanger, Kayak angler and all-around outdoorsy expert. He also mixes a mean cocktail and can IT consult "like a boss." As an IT consultant his job allows him to work from anywhere there is WIFI. A comfortable camp chair, laptop and MYFI will consist of his on the road office. Hopefully his experiences on our journey will provide valuable tips to other would be remote work tourists.

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Photo by OH SNAP courtesy of TULSAKIDS 
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