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Demo December

Demolition on our Argosy renovation project must begin sometime so why not today? A few reasons "why not" might have been:

1.) Dave and Avery are gone on a camping trip.

2.) I have not finished Christmas shopping and I have not even broken out the Christmas decorations.

3.) I am pretty sure I need more then the contents of my meager tool box and a face mask for this project.

That being said, I ignored all reason and started demo today on the Argosy. I could no longer use the excuse that I need to research the project further. I have been researching, otherwise known as surfing Pinterest, since we brought the trailer home last August.

The Argosy is surprisingly sound for its age. However, it had been neglected in a field for a few decades serving as home to several critters of the four legged variety making a complete gut of the interior necessary. I began by removing the upper cabinets in the kitchen and experienced no surprises. I removed the front sofa bed next and although I was not surprised to find wood rot on the floor I was surprised at the extent of the rot. It will be necessary to replace the subfloor entirely! This leads us to a few choices: Frame off reno or frame on? Drop the belly pan or not?

Having made a small start on the demo I decided to call it a day and reassess the scope of the project. This will inevitably require more "research" accompanied by a beer.

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