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Winter Camping is a Thing!

Thanks to an unseasonably warm winter and our toasty, heated trailer winter camping is actually a thing now. It was not a thing before (but not for want of trying.) This was our first winter camping trip we did not come to regret!

We returned to Spider Creek Resort, one of my girl's trip destinations, and enjoyed both the White River location and nearby Eureka Springs Arkansas. It was a quick trip; the highlight of which was a ghost tour at The Crescent Hotel, a Victorian hotel steeped in a spooky past.

Due to it being the off-season in Eureka many of the restaurants and venues were closed including my favorite taqueria. We did enjoy a very good meal at Aquarius's sister restaurant, Local Flavor and Clara found a new book to read around the campfire at the local bookstore, Gazebo Books.

More winter camping is certainly in our future! Now we just need to carve out more time in our hectic school-year schedules.

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