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Basecamp: Tahoe

Living the "lake Life" is a decidedly laid back experience and nowhere is this more true than in Lake Tahoe. There is something about the place that encourages you to slow down and kick back. I could have extended my stay in Tahoe twice as long, doing little more then hanging out at local haunts, and not grown restless.

One such haunt, discovered early in our stay, was a beer garden located in the courtyard of a motel called Basecamp. We ended up returning there several nights to eat, play lawn games, listen to live music and hang out around the campfire. If I ever return to Tahoe without the Airstream this is where I will stay!

In addition to hanging out at our favorite haunt we found plenty of family friendly activities to do in Tahoe. Some of our favorite included renting a bicycle surrey on the beach, playing put-put, hiking at Emerald Bay State Park and enjoying the "best milkshake" in Lake Tahoe at the Sno-flake Drive In.

Of course the beach at Lake Tahoe also provided hours of laid back enjoyment. On one visit a local outrigger canoe group invited Avery to join them on a row around the lake. Avery, who is always up for new things was happy to oblige!

Lake Tahoe and the "lake life" definitely agreed with us and it was a good way to conclude the California portion of our trip. Our next stop is the desert life, whatever that may entail, at Moab!

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