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Clara's Book Scoop: First Entry

Hey there! This is Clara, the resident "book nerd" and soon-to-be middle-schooler! I am going to give you the "scoop" on the cool books I read these last two weeks. I am using an ice cream rating system. 1 scoop for - ehhhhhh and 5 scoops for - can't put down! (Donut judge me I was hungry at the time.)

The Distant Hours

by Kate Morton

This was a book I stole from my mom. I picked it up because it looked interesting and I was not disappointed! Distant Hours follows Edie, a twenty something year-old girl who just broke up with her boyfriend. Edie, like me, loves to read. The book that kicked off her reading experience as a child was called The True History of The Mud Man, which happened to be written by someone from her mom's past.

It all begins when her mom gets a letter. Edie starts to wonder about her mom's childhood during World War II but her mom won't talk about it. Edie, who works in publishing, gets lost on a work trip and finds herself in a small English town called Milderhurst where most of the story takes place. Soon Edie discovers the secrets of her mom's past.

I give this book four and a half scoops! I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction and adventure!

The Bear

by Claire Cameron

(Warning: This book is sad!)

On the book jacket of The Bear a reviewer claims "this book will do for camping what Jaws did for swimming." Seeing how I am camping I thought it would be an appropriate book!

The story follows Anna, who is five-years-old, and her little brother Alex (Stick). It is narrated by Anna and begins with her parents being attacked and killed by a bear that Anna refers to as "a big black dog." (I told you it was sad!) She and her brother are left alone in the woods and have to survive.

It was very convincingly narrated by a five-year-old girl who is confused and distracted easily. I give this book three scoops and recommend it to anyone who likes survival tales and a good cry.

Alcatraz Escape Files

by Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

This book is one my brother, Oliver, picked out in the gift shop at the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a non-fiction book from the official Alcatraz records. It is an interesting read because you get to learn about all the ways prisoners tried to escape and what happened to them. It is a pretty easy read too. I give this book three scoops and recommend it to anyone who loves history and prison tales.

I am already reading my next book, Go Set a Watchman, by Harper Lee. It reintroduces Scout, from To Kill a Mockingbird, as a young women. so far it is pretty good. I am hoping to read more then three books over the next two weeks but I find myself "going forth" on my own adventures more often! So until my next book scoop farewell and "go forth" the library!

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