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One of These Pictures Makes Me Happy

Here is a snapshot of, well... a curve. The other snapshot is of the dump. Which one makes me happy? I will give you a clue... It is NOT the dump! We have now made three trips to the dump as a result of the renovation and will undoubtedly make more. Now, as much as I like the renovation trash being removed from the growing pile in my yard I do not enjoy going to the dump. It is invariably either very dusty or very muddy and it is always smelly. My husband, however, seams to think a visit to the dump is some sort of rite of passage. He also said as we were driving to said dump that I never blog about the gritty and the mundane parts of renovation. So Dave, this post is in your honor.

While the dump is very gritty, the other picture above would be the mundane and although it may be uninteresting to most people it does make me VERY happy. This snapshot captures the moment after we installed the last curved piece of new sub-floor in the trailer. That may not sound like a big step but let me assure you those curves were not our friend. If you are renovating an Airstream and decide to replace the sub-floor be prepared for a few extra wood pieces cut, much frustration during installation and a huge sense of accomplishment upon completion!

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