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Airstream on the Outside, Yurt on the Inside

In my opinion yurts are at the apex of the "Glamping" world! I love the bohemian, luxury vibe that yurts offer. So it goes to follow that my interior design for the Airstream is heavily influenced by the yurt trend. When deciding how to finish the interior curved wall at the tongue end of the trailer I was thus influenced. We had previously removed the original curved plastic piece when we took the interior down to the frame. The piece was brittle due to age, it had a number of cracks and I wanted to remove the upper cabinet to make the space feel more open. What we were left with was a challenging curved wall to address. Playing to our strengths, in this case upholstery experience, I decided to upholster the space with an unbleached, canvas fabric reminiscent of yurt fabric. The fabric is actually a canvas drop cloth bought at the hardware store. This is a much more economical solution then the same canvas purchased at the fabric store!

I began by installing foil Installation. I had to adhere it directly to the aluminum which is not ideal from an R-value standpoint but I knew it would not be an issue because I would be using fiber glass insulation too. I needed to attach a wood surface to which to adhere the fabric. It had to be very bendable to accommodate the wall curves. I attached a wood dental molding strip using construction adhesive. I found the molding on a woodworking website. I then used fiberglass insulation in lieu of batting or foam. Lastly, I upholstered the wall with the canvas. I still have some finishing touches to complete, including the window treatments, but I definitely think the technique lends itself to the bohemian aesthetic found in yurts!

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