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Parks & Rec Collection

LivyLu's Park's and Rec line launched at Dallas apparel market this week! Some of the designs are already available online and will be showing up in stores this Spring. Our National Parks line is inspired by destinations that "The FIVE" will be visiting this summer when we head West. My favorite piece of the collection is our Wilderness Rangerettes terry slub, over-sized sweatshirt. It is lightweight, comfy and will be great for both a summer hike through Yosemite or hanging at the beach in Lake Tahoe!

Market ends today and I return home to continue trailer reno. Upon removing the sub-floor last weekend we discovered some areas of the frame with significant rust. We will have to employ a welder to shore up a few areas before we continue. We were not entirely surprised by the discovery as it is a common occurrence with trailers of this age. Overall, the frame is solid and has not revealed anything too scary such as rear separation issues. It has put us a bit behind on our reno but nothing we can't make up with some focus, determination and copious amounts of caffeine!


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