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DIY Feather Bed Rolls

The front part of the Airstream cabin traditionally features a pull out sofa bed. I decided against this feature in an attempt to keep the space as versatile as possible. I want to be able to break down much of the furnishings to provide further space to store items while en route and also reduce some of the weight at the front of the trailer. My solution is a few cots and feather bed rolls. One cot will act as a sofa while the other will be put up as needed to accommodate an additional sleeper. The Maine Heritage Cot by Byer is a great choice because it is durable, affordable and stylish. As an added benefit two storage footlockers fit beneath it perfectly.

The cots are comfortable but the addition of the feather bed roll is what takes the experience from camping to "glamping". Beautiful feather Bed Rolls can be purchased through an LA company called Hedgehouse. The $375 price tag was a bit steep for my budget so I decided to make them myself. I purchased a king size feather bed and a king size duvet cover, cut them both in half and sewed them to create two feather bed rolls. The resulting rolls are incredibly comfortable and cost less then $100 each. I have set one of the cots up in my living room until the Airstream is ready for load in. A few throw pillows, including my favorite new LivyLu Explore Oklahoma pillow, and a throw make it the perfect reading spot!


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