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A Mostly Empty Trailer Shell

Perhaps most people are not excited by an empty trailer shell but Dave and I certainly are. It seams we have reached a milestone this weekend in the trailer renovation. Most of the interior panels and the old insulation have been removed. We found a little moisture around some of the windows but nothing too alarming. Our next step involves dropping the belly pan, cleaning up the frame and replacing the sub-floor. When that is complete we will begin replacing the electrical and plumbing. Our goal is to complete these renovations by the end of February so that we can begin installing the interior finishes in March.

I did save the aluminum interior panels. They are currently loaded onto our cargo trailer awaiting a warm day so we can take them to the car wash and hose them down. In addition I saved the plastic rounded end caps. They require patching and painting but they will also be reinstalled. I have decided on and begun ordering a number of the interior finishes. I will be sharing some of these design choices in posts over the next few weeks!


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