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DIY Woven Cot Project

The multitude of woven potholders created and gifted to unsuspecting teachers and relatives in my childhood years gave me the inspiration and skills needed to create a custom cot for the trailer. knowing we needed a fifth bunk space in the trailer to accommodate us all but not wanting to devote the necessary space solely to sleeping, I decided to create a drop down cot. The cot can be lowered at night for sleeping and raised during the day so that the counter above can function as a multi use bar space.

When researching the best way to construct such a cot I came across Indian charpai daybeds. The daybeds construction consists of a wood frame and woven rope. Taking this idea I used galvanized metal pipe and fittings to create the frame and jute furniture strapping to weave the bed. The weaving was approached with the same technique as the potholders I wove as a child. When installed in the trailer one side of the cot will attach to the cabinetry with a rod on which it pivots while the other side will rest on legs so that it sits off the ground at an appropriate height. The project took less than 3 hours and the materials were very reasonable.

Demo work still continues on the trailer! Dave is outside, as I am blogging, working on removing the final interior panels. It happens to be the coldest day of the winter thus far. I would much rather weave some potholders by the warm fire but my conscience is plaguing me to bundle up and pitch in instead!


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