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Santa Visits our Trailer

This December has been a busy one. With the trailer demo and projects taking up much of our free time we did not even manage to put up our traditional tree, lights and stockings. However, we managed to begin a new family tradition. One of my favorite Christmas heirlooms, My Grandpa Cecil and Grandma Hazel's foil Christmas tree, made its first holiday appearance in the Argosy!

Santa, we discovered, makes deliveries to trailers and we received many products, tools and gadgets to assist with our trailer design! One of the most functional and exciting products is our new Samsung Smart Oven. We first discovered this duel purpose appliance on one of our favorite RV travel blogs The oven operates as both a microwave and a convection oven eliminating the need for two appliances. On a similar note, our new Smeg water kettle will allow us to make tea, hot cocoa and French press coffee, which covers the whole family's beverage addictions!

Tools for renovation also appeared under the tree! An orbital grinder will be put to good use this month as we remove rust and dirt from the frame of the trailer. In the coming weeks we plan to remove the interior walls, drop the pan, clean up the frame and replace the flooring. January looks as if it will be every bit as busy as December. Hopefully it will be every bit as productive too!

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