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It's All In The (Design) Details

Facing down a renovation project of this magnitude can sometimes be disheartening. After a holiday weekend of demo in the trailer where Dave and I managed to remove most of the interior I decided that I needed to tackle a project that I could finish in a few hours time.

I purchased a few items for the trailer already including the stools for the bar. The metal stools were durable, stackable, and affordable but not very comfortable. Removable cushions seemed to be a good solution. The stools have an opening that resembles a button hole at the top. When I found giant buttons on the notion aisle I decided to design the cushions to button onto the top of the stool. I purchased upholstery fabric, striped jute strapping, additional accent buttons and a few hours later the stools were complete. Now I have the sense of accomplishment of a design detail, albeit a small one, completed!

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