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A Demolition, Architectural Salvage & Pie Birthday

Picking through acres of salvaged building supplies may not be everyone's idea of a birthday well spent but in my opinion it is very enjoyable. Unfortunately Dave, who celebrated his birthday today, does not appear to share my love for seeking out treasures. His main aversion to the whole salvage process is the transporting and storage of found treasures, especially when they are heavy and take up a fair amount of space in our already crowded garage.

That being said, we did bring home a "find" for the Argosy project today. We now have salvaged kitchen cabinets. They will require some reworking but they are very well crafted. The base cabinets for the sink area will require minimal reconfiguration. We also purchased a standing pantry of which we will use the face and doors.

Dave continued to celebrate his birthday by doing trailer demo. He removed more of the kitchen cabinets and appliance as well as the fresh water tank. We think the water tank can be cleaned and reused as there are no leaks.

In an attempt to make amends for the morning salvage trip and the loss of garage space the family concluded Dave's birthday with his favorite pie, coconut cream! His birthday, although unconventional, proved to be very productive!

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