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Gala and Glamper

Although we are usually found covered in sawdust or paint these days we do occasionally (albeit rarely) put aside the paints, rivet guns and drills and get "glamed up." This weekend was one of those occasions! Our youngest, Oliver was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes at the age of two. Since that time our family has partnered with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDRF) to promote awareness of juvenile diabetes and to work toward finding a cure. This past weekend marked Oliver's seventh year as a Junior Ambassador at JDRF Tulsa's annual Gala. Over $250,000 was raised at this years event to help turn type-1 into type-none!

Coincidentally, our families first trailer design project was a year ago when we customized a vintage inspired, tin can trailer to benefit JDRF. Raffle tickets were sold to raise money to help fund a cure. The scope of the project was much smaller. The camper was built new by a custom trailer builder outside of Nashville and arrived with an unfinished interior. It was our job to design and finish the interior. We added several retro touches including paint by number inspired murals!

The trailer was won by a family in Wichita, money was raised for JDRF and we were inspired to pursue our dream of customizing a vintage trailer for our own family. Now, a year later, we are putting the finishing touches on our own glamper by day and "glaming ourselves up" for the JDRF gala by night! However amazing it is to pursue our glamping dreams they do not even remotely compare in importance or intensity to our dream of a cure for Oliver and all those affected by this disease! We would gladly camp in a tent indefinitely if it meant a cure could be found!

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